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DXVA Checker
This program is a tool to check about DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA), and it has the following features.
  • Check Decoder Device and Processor Device supported by GPU
  • Check DXVA decode performance and video processing performance
  • Check DXVA API call in other applications by trace log
  • Check DXVA mode supported by DirectShow decoder and Media Foundation decoder
  • Change DXVA setting in some DirectShow decoders and Media Foundation decoders
System Requirements
About Software
This software is freeware (Donations Welcome).

By downloading, installing and/or using this software, You will be deemed to have accepted this License Agreement.

The files are checked in advance to make sure they are safe. If your security software detects it incorrectly, please add the file as an exception.

How to use
  • Decoder Device

    The information of the decoder device is displayed.

  • Processor Device

    The Information of the processor device by DXVA1, DXVA2, DXVA-HD and Direct3D11 is displayed.

  • About Resolution of Decoder Device

    This result does not guarantee whether the decoder device works normally (in especially 4K/8K resolution). Because the display driver might return S_OK when execute IDirectXVideoDecoderService::CreateVideoDecoder even if resolution exceed the capability of hardware. How it behaves depends on display driver.

  • DirectShow / Media Foundation Decoder

    By specifying the media file or format, you can check whether the DirectShow decoder and Media Foundation decoder registered in the system support DXVA, and the DXVA mode that is supported.

    You can also use the listed decoders to play the video and measure the decoder's CPU or DXVA decoding performance.

    You can also change the DXVA settings for the following decoders.
    • CyberLink H.264/AVC Decoder
    • CyberLink VC-1 Decoder
    • CyberLink Video/SP Decoder
    • CyberLink Video Deocder
    • InterVideo Video Decoder
    • Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder
    • Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder / Microsoft H264 Video Decoder MFT / Microsoft MPEG Video Decoder MFT
    • Microsoft H265 Video Decoder MFT
    • Microsoft WebM MF VP8 Decoder Transform
    • Nero DVD Decoder / Nero Video Decoder
    • WMVideo Decoder DMO
    • WMVideo Decoder MFT / AMD Playback Decoder MFT
  • Trace Log

    You can check DXVA API calls in running applications.

  • GPU Engine Usage (Windows11/10)

    You can check the usage of the GPU engine for each process. Only the actual usage of the engine is displayed as "Current [Minimum-Maximum]".

Device Information
Decoder device support status. * How to submit device information.
Version 4.6.0 (02/25/2022)
  • Now display maximum resolution of decoder device on the ToolTip
  • Fixed UI design issue on Windows11
  • Minor changes and fixes
Version 4.5.5 (01/20/2022)
  • Updated internal resource
Version 4.5.4 (12/05/2021)
  • Now hide unknown decoder device from the ListView
  • Added "Hide Unknown Decoder Device" option
  • Minor change
Version 4.5.3 (10/27/2021)
  • Fixed infinite loop issue when checking DirectShow/MediaFoundation decoder under specific situations
Version 4.5.2 (04/17/2021)
  • Fixed incorrect parameters when blitting in DXVA2 Video Processor under specific situations
Version 4.5.1 (10/13/2020)
  • Minor fix
Version 4.5.0 (10/10/2020)
  • Added "AV1" to the format selection menu when checking DirectShow/MediaFoundation decoder
  • Added "Always On Top" option
  • Minor change
Version 4.4.0 (08/14/2020)
  • Added the following alternative names of Decoder Device (information from Steve Lhomme. Thank you)
    • HEVC_VLD_Main_Intel
    • HEVC_VLD_Main10_Intel
    • HEVC_VLD_Main12_Intel
    • HEVC_VLD_Main422_10_Intel
    • HEVC_VLD_Main422_12_Intel
    • HEVC_VLD_Main444_Intel
    • HEVC_VLD_Main444_10_Intel
    • HEVC_VLD_Main444_12_Intel
Version 4.3.2 (08/02/2020)
  • Minor changes
Version 4.3.1 (07/19/2020)
  • Minor changes and fixes
Version 4.3.0 (05/17/2020)
  • Added the following alternative names of Decoder Device
    • AV1_VLD_Profile0
    • AV1_VLD_Profile1
    • AV1_VLD_Profile2
    • AV1_VLD_12bit_Profile2
    • AV1_VLD_12bit_Profile2_420
  • Minor fix
Version 4.2.2 (05/10/2020)
  • Minor change
Version 4.2.1 (04/20/2019)
  • Fixed process crash issue when checking Media Foundatio decoder on GPU which does not support D3D11 video acceleration
  • Fixed issue when submitting Device Information since April 18
  • Fixed "Show in Groups" setting issue on DSF/MFT Viewer
  • Minor fix
Version 4.2.0
  • Discontinued support for AMD VP9 hybird decoder
  • Fixed driver setting issue on specific intel iGPU
  • Updated DSF/MFT Viewer
  • Minor Changes, fixes and improvements
Version 4.1.2
  • Fixed app crash issue on Radeon GPU under specific conditions
  • Fixed app error issue when using D3D11 video acceleration during video playback and benchmark under specific conditions
  • Minor changes and fixes
Version 4.1.1
  • Fixed wrong buffer size in presenter
  • Minor changes
Version 4.1.0
  • Now show "VP9_Profile0_NoDXVA_AMD" on Decoder Device when your AMD Radeon GPU supports VP9 hybrid decode acceleration
  • Fixed error when checking device under specific conditions
  • Fixed error when checking DirectShow/MediaFoundation decoder on Windows Vista
  • Changed GPU selector to GPU menu
  • Added "Submit Device Information to Database" menu item to GPU menu
  • Minor changes and fixes
DXVA Checker is free software. However, I'd gladly accept your donation. You can donate via PayPal (Credit Card).

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