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Bluesky Frame Rate Converter

This program is a DirectShow Filter which can convert the frame rate using GPU, and it has the following features.
  • Support AMD Fluid Motion Video*1
  • Convert 24p to 60p and 30p to 60p by interpolating frames*2
  • Support DXVA decoder
  • *1 Support Radeon HD 7000 Series or newer dGPU and Kaveri or newer APU (Support GCN GPUs)
  • *2 Support variable frame rate
System Requirements
Freeware (Donations Welcome)
How to use
By downloading, installing and/or using this software, You will be deemed to have accepted this License Agreement.

The files are checked in advance to make sure they are safe. If your security software detects it incorrectly, please add the file as an exception.

  • Install
    Run the setup and follow the instructions of the installer. When updating, please execute setup without uninstalling.

    When you download the ZIP file, please extract the ZIP file to an appropriate location.

  • Uninstall
    For setup, please use the uninstall function of Windows or run "unins000.exe" in the installation folder.

    For zip, please click "Delete Config File" and delete all files.

  • How to setup
    Enable AMD Fluid Motion Video in "Radeon Settings" or "Radeon Software".

    Run "BlueskyFRC Utility", select the GPU and check the target frame rate in "Rate Conversion" option.

    After completing the settings, setup your video player to use "Bluesky Frame Rate Converter".

  • How to enable AMD Fluid Motion Video
    This is an explanation of how to enable the AMD Fluid Motion Video function of the display driver with "Radeon Settings", "Radeon Software" or BlueskyFRC Utility.
  • About Video Player
    Please setup to use Bluesky Frame Rate Converter in DirectShow Player. For some players, the setting method is explained below.
  • About AFM Mode
    • Auto: Default setting and behavior depends on the GPU
    • Mode 1: Created 2 original frames and 3 interpolate frames when converted 24p to 60p
    • Mode 2: Created 1 original frame and 4 interpolate frames when converted 24p to 60p
  • About DXVA decode
    In LAV Video Decoder, please set "Hardware Decoder to use" to "DXVA2 (native)". There is no point to choose "DXVA2 (copy-back)" when using the same GPU for BlueskyFRC and for LAV Video Decoder.
  • Zero-Copy Mode Requirements
    • Video Player use Enhanced Video Renderer or madVR
    • Video Renderer and BlueskyFRC use the same GPU

    If these conditions are not met, BlueskyFRC will not be used.

  • About Video Quality Filter
    You can set the following filters available for Radeon GPU.
    • Sharpness Filter (Edge Enhancement, Detail Enhancement, Resolution Enhancement)
    • Noise Filter (Temporal NR, MoComp Temporal NR)
    • Mosquito Noise Reduction
    • De-contouring
    • Dynamic Contrast (Non-Adaptive, Content Adaptive)
    • Color Filter (Color Vibrance, Color Enhancement)

    If the GPU does not support, the filter will not actually work or work in another supported mode even if the setting is enabled.

    Please set to "Disable" for unused features. For example, when you set "Custom Colour Vibrance" to "Off" on the Radeon Settings, Dynamic Contrast and Color Filter will not working regardless of the setting on the "Video Quality Filter Setting", in such cases please set them to "Disable".

  • About Decode option
    If you can specify BlueskyFRC as an external filter in the video player and it is actually used, you do not need to change this setting. However, this option is a useful setting in the following cases.
    • When only a video decoder can be specified as an external filter
      In this case, turn on "Enable decode function using external decoder" and specify the decoder to be used as the external decoder.
    • When impossible to specify any external filter, but possible to specify a specific decoder (LAV Video Decoder or MPC Video Decoder)
      In this case, turn on "Enable decode function using external decoder" and specify the decoder to be used as the external decoder.

      In addition, after turn on "Enable Global Mode", run video player and specify the decoder selected this setting in the player setting.

      Note: In this case, all applications that use the decoder selected in this setting will load BlueskyFRC.

  • Status
    Displays the current status of the BlueskyFRC filter.
Version 2.16.2 (08/03/2020)
  • Fixed "Enable AMD Fluid Motion Video" setting was gray out under specific environment
  • Removed "De-blocking" option
  • Minor fixes
Version 2.16.2 (06/27/2020)
  • Fixed green dot might be displayed on the upper left of the screen
  • Minor fixes
Version 2.16.1 (06/10/2020)
  • Fixed 25p conversion might not be enabled when "Skip rate check when connecting" setting was unchecked
Version 2.16.0 (06/06/2020)
  • Enabled 25p to 60p conversion by frame interpolation and frame drop
  • Minor change
Version 2.15.8 (05/17/2020)
  • Minor fix
Version 2.15.7 (05/16/2020)
  • Improved the frame rate sometimes decreased due to delay in a specific 30p contents
Version 2.15.6 (04/05/2020)
  • Fixed invalid area might be displayed in madVR
Version 2.15.5 (03/30/2020)
  • Fixed playback issue when BlueskyFRC was connected to a sepecific filter
  • Minor change
Version 2.15.4 (03/04/2020)
  • Fixed invalid area was displayed when using MPC-BE and MPC Video Decoder with DXVA decode
Version 2.15.3
  • Fixed error on the PotPlayer when enabling decode function using external decoder
Version 2.15.2
  • Fixed incorrect frame issue under specific situation when playing 10bit contents
  • Fixed player crash issue when enabling decode function using external decoder
Version 2.15.1
  • Fixed playback issue when playing HDR contents in Version 2.15.0 under specific conditions
Version 2.15.0
  • Resolved color problem when playing 10bit contents with Adrenalin Edition 18.4.1 or newer
  • Minor improvements and changes
Version 2.14.2
  • Changed "Enable AFM" to "Enable AMD Fluid Motion Video" and move it to "GPU" setting
  • Minor change
Version 2.14.1
  • Fixed "Enable AFM" setting was gray out under specific conditions
Version 2.14.0
  • Added support to enable AMD Fluid Motion Video on BlueskyFRCUtility
  • Added support to enable 30p conversion even when "Video" setting is missing on "Radeon Settings" in hybrid graphics (switchable graphics) system
Bluesky Frame Rate Converter is free software. However, I'd gladly accept your donation. You can donate via PayPal (Credit Card).

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